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A Chicago Premiere
A Body of Water
by Lee Blessing
Directed by Mary Reynard

March 2-April 7, 2013

Previews: Wed-Fri, Feb 27, 28, & Mar 1, 7:30pm
castJeff Award-winner, Brian Parry, and Jan Ellen Graves reunite on the Redtwist stage as husband and wife for the first time since their acclaimed performances in Three Hotels (2007). Only this time, their characters, Moss and Avis, meet each other for the first time, every time they wake up in the morning.

A middle-age couple awaken every day and don't know who they are, where they are, or the why of anything. And an unfamiliar young woman, Wren, played by Stella Martin, uses extreme measures to reach them. Funny and charming, this is a lyrical, intriguing drama that examines the wisdom of embracing a pure moment of joy…when nothing else is certain.