Guest Company Production
Hundo4u Productions

A dark comedy of three men working in a remote factory who rely on each other, trust each other and betray each other.

Below the Belt
by Richard Dresser
Directed by
Jon Dambacher
May 17 – June 16
Thu, Fri, & Sat at 8pm; Sun at 3pm
Tickets $20
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Note: This is not a Redtwist Production.
Flex Tix, Auction comps or gift certificates do not apply to this show.

5th and final show of Redtwist's 2018-19 season

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Steve Scott

Shakespeare’s razor-sharp, merciless dissection of the sin of pride, and the devastating cost it wreaks on those— and by those— who are too egocentric to recognize it... or too proud to give a damn.

Jul 6 to Aug 4, 2019
(Previews $15: Jul 2, 3, 5)
Opening Matinee 

Sat, Jul 6, 3pm

Thu, Fri, Sat, 7:30pm; Sun, 3pm
Regular Tickets $35-$40
(seniors & students $5 off)

To do white hot drama, in a tiny black box, with a little red twist.

We strive to do white hot drama, from name-brand blockbusters, to risky new work, and obscure buried treasures, that pack emotional force, examine moral dilemmas, and reveal greater truths…

by transforming our tiny black box and its explosive immediacy into a thematic asset, specifically tailored for every show and intended to close the gap between actor and audience, thus blurring the line between seating and staging…

by utilizing a little red twist in the concept and design of each production to provide a totally unique theatre experience that is simultaneously intimate, comfortable, and safe, yet intense, edgy, and thrilling, at a distance only inches away.

Redtwist Theatre is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Since our inception upon moving into this space on Bryn Mawr Avenue, Redtwist has maintained standards of safety and respect for all artists and patrons who enter our home. We have always been committed to providing a safe workplace and respectful environment at all times for Redtwist company members, our guest artists, and every patron who attends our performances. Redtwist is grateful to #NotInOurHouse, an organization of dedicated artists, which has standardized industry-wide guidelines of safety and respect. These guidelines can be viewed here: NotInOurHouse.


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